Kitting And Bundling Software

Kitting and Bundling Software

With Analision Kitting and Bundling Software you can sell multiple SKUs as Kits and Bundles with ease

Kitting and Bundling Software

Analision has a powerful and unique Kitting feature that allows your business to maximize potential sales through several SKU variations. Make different kit types, or bundles, to accommodate your product’s needs and expand on customer inventory selection. 

A smart process to dictate altrenative SKUs for kit components

Automate each step of the kitting process.

Automatically calculate and updated quantities

Understanding Kitting and Bundling

Bundling is a marketing strategy that helps your business offer convenience for the customer by facilitating the purchase of several products and/or services from one company. Bundling is a way to bundle or bundle related products and services together. 

You should decide if You want to sell your products separately at individual prices, or in packages of products or bundles at a “package price” Some companies devise entire marketing strategies based on bundling. Some example of bundling includes option packages on new automobiles, cart parts, etc.  It’s more cost-effective to sell an item in bundles than it is to offer it separately. If you offer discounts, this will stimulate demand, which may enable you to sell products or services you otherwise had a hard time selling, and make more sales.  

Expand Your Sales with Analision Kitting And Bundling

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Why Kit & Bundle?

Both B2C and B2B companies can benefit from kitting and bundling for a number of reasons, including:

Increasing the average value of your purchasing orders

By combining pertinent single product components into a kit or providing bulk discounts that result in higher sales, you can increase your average order value.

Promote the use of new items by prospective customers

Bundling products will increase sales, as will offering distinctive things on your website.

Stand out on marketplaces

Create intelligent packages with complimentary products to diversify your product offering and set yourself out from the competition.

Simplify your product marketing strategy

To merge numerous marketing efforts into one, combine multiple product SKUs into a single SKU.

Lower shipping expenses

Reduce your shipping and fulfillment costs by allowing clients to purchase a product kit that includes complimentary items rather than individual ones.

How Bundling and Kitting Can Help You Increase Profits

In eCommerce fulfillment, kitting and bundling have different definitions. While some define each phrase differently, others interchangeably use the terms. Both kitting and bundling, which both relate to selling things in groups rather than individually, can help you boost sales and profitability. Here is the information you need to structure your inventory so that you can benefit from these fulfillment procedures.

Kitting and Bundling Software

How Kitting And Bundling Can Expand Your Online Store

Kitting offers many benefits for businesses, 3PL companies, and consumers. These are just some of the benefits of kitting:

Greater efficiency in warehousing. One of the biggest benefits of kit is that it streamlines the picking and packing process. All products sold together in a kitting are stored together. This saves valuable time for your employees, as they no longer have to walk through the entire warehouse to find the products. In addition, you save time and money if you carry out your regular inventory.

Lower labor costs

It’s no surprise that a streamlined warehouse process also means lower costs. Since you save time with every order, you don’t need as many employees to fulfill the orders and overtime is less common.

Higher product sales

Ecommerce product kitting is a valuable tool for selling products that are less in demand. It helps you sell products that are at risk of becoming slow sellers, helps reduce inventory, and increases your inventory turnover. Also, it gives customers an incentive to make larger purchases as product kitting adds value and customers don’t want to miss out. It’s a good choice for a variety of subscription box ideas.

Faster shipping

Selecting, packing, and shipping multiple products takes time. When you pack the products in kits, each step is faster and there are fewer mistakes, so customers get their orders faster. This, in turn, leads to satisfied customers who are more likely to buy from you again.

Types of product kits

Subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are the prime example of product kitting in e-commerce fulfillment. From subscriptions like Dollar Shave Club to curated boxes like Birchbox and FabFitFun, the success of subscription offerings depends heavily on effective kitting strategies that bring multiple products together and enhance brand discovery opportunities.

Kitting and Bundling Software

Boxed Sets/Gift Sets. Brands that offer a large number of SKU variations for a single product can benefit from assembling those variations into attractive product sets that increase average order value. For example, customers are less likely to purchase just one color of lipstick when they have the opportunity to purchase multiple at a discounted price. Product bundles also make great gifts for the holiday season and beyond, especially when presented in attractive packaging.

Pre-Assembled Kits. Some products require post-purchase assembly by the consumer, which means an extensive assembly of components by the manufacturer or warehouse. The most famous example is IKEA’s infamous flat-pack furniture. Inventory tracking is extremely important to ensure that the pre-assembled kits are properly packaged and contain everything that is stated in the instructions.

One-off/individual goods. US-based FabFitFun is known for offering its customers a mix of customized and curated product offerings with every box. Although on-demand kits are much more complex than pre-assembly strategies, they allow brands to offer customers higher-quality kitting options. The ability to create kits from a pre-selected selection of products, e.g. for a gift box or an outfit refresher, is a key selling point for customers who value convenience and want flexibility and choice.